Production methods

Our technique is simple and effective, always aimed at achieving complete satisfaction for the client through compliance with the highest levels of quality, responding to the client’s requirements and respecting deadlines.

Launching a project: Preparation of an estimate according to the design/layout/geometry. Machining process. Quality control: assessment and certification. Delivery: delivery option with our own vehicles.

Production methods:

Deckel Maho Machining centre, model DMF 220 LINEAL: High-speed machine, equipped with Heidehain 530 control, for 3D copy work, as well as for highly accurate automated production of pieces. Strokes: X 2200 mm. Y 560 mm. Z 720 mm
KIA V 35II machining centre: For automated work, with four divider axis. Strokes: X: 600mm, Y: 550mm Z: 550mm
CNC HYUNDAI HIT-30 Lathe: Maximum machining dia. 360mm. Maximum machining length 1000mm between points. Equipped with Siemens Hitrol conversational control.
CNC GOOD WAY GCL-2L Lathe: Maximum machining dia. 260mm. Maximum machining length 600mm between points. Equipped with LNS Hydrobar automated bar feeder. Busbar 52mm.
CNC CMZ TL25BM lathe : Maximum machining dia. 420mm. Maximum machining length 700mm between points. Equipped with motorised turret.
DAITO 260 automatic CNC saw with automated bar feeder.
Measuring techniques: 700mm Mitutoyo column, to measure height, diameter, and distances between centres. Exterior Micrometres 0-500. Exterior Micrometres 0-300. Calibres, gauge blocks.