What we do

At Axpe Mecanizados S.L we give comprehensive machining solutions.  These are possible thanks to CNC technology and 2D and 3D CAD/CAM programmes. We work with the following sectors:

  • Automotive: Tools, prototypes and inserts for moulds.
  • Tools, equipment and dies: Punches and dies for forging and casting.
  • Aeronautics: Machining components
  • Prototypes:  Machining of complex pieces, based on CAD design in various formats.
  • Energy sector: Creating pieces for the photovoltaic, hydraulic and wind sectors.
  • Machine tools: sets and components for all kinds of machinery.
  • Railways:  Production of sets and components of pieces.
  • Hoisting:  Production of safety components and pieces.

We work with all types of materials:

  • Innovative materials which offer various physical characteristics according to needs and uses.
  • Tempered materials (hardness level of up to 60HRC)

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